Beaconized Digital Signage

Beaconized Digital Advertising Displays

Transform your marketing plan with a system that removes the complication of maintaining printed advertisements. My Sign Genie’s digital signs provide a high detail, high definition method to out-of-home advertising. Our Beacon technology and promotion based dashboard gives you the ability to triple the reach of your target customers.

Our Products

A Hybrid Advertising Platform combining Digital Signage and Mobile Messaging.

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  • Digital Signs
    My Sign Genie is able to accommodate any number of Phillips, LG and Samsung signs with our Beacons that will fit any need. Whether your space is small or you have a need for larger areas like sport venues, restaurants, hotel lobbies, office buildings, commercial complexes, conference centers, malls, and more.
  • Taxi Cab Toppers
    People spend a majority of their time out and about. Your customers are on the go, they are getting groceries, picking up their cleaning, going out to eat, and hitting the town for a night of entertainment. Reach your customers as they move around town, and while they are in a buying frame of mind. The Taxi Cab Toppers with our Beacons are a perfect advertising medium for the on the go consumer in your designated marketing area. Consumers will receive your offers, without any effort on their own. 90% of consumers love mobile alerts when a promotion is attached.
  • Retrofitting
    My Sign Genie is able to retrofit most Phillips, LG and Samsung screens with our software and Beacons. Enhance your current lobby or waiting area with a screen that will engage visitors.
  • Custom Screen
    Need a larger screen? Pick Pay Display Media is able to accommodate any number of Phillips, LG and Samsung screens that will fit any need. Perfect for larger areas like hotel lobbies, bars, office buildings, commercial complexes, conference centers, malls, and more.

Beacons are small, often inexpensive devices that enable more accurate location within a narrow range than GPS, cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi proximity. Beacons transmit small amounts of data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) up to 200ft, and as a result are often used for indoor location technology, although beacons can be used outside as well.

Beacons are typically powered by small batteries, but they can be plugged into an outlet or USB port instead to maintain consistent power. In addition to standalone beacon devices, mobile phones, tablets and PCs with BLE support can all function as beacons, with the ability to both emit and receive beacon signals.

Beacons alone are not enough, My Sign Genie content management system with the dashboard allows you to:

  • Control your advertising on signs and mobile devices
  • Send convertible messages to mobile device users
  • Send Claim-it redirect to your customized URL

All controlled and managed with your My Sign Genie portal.

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  • Cost Effective

    Cost Effective


    Less than a dollar a day for the Beacon & backend software.  No long-term contracts for our digital ad service. Pay when your ad runs.

  • No App Needed

    No App Needed


    The Beacon utilizes Bluetooth technology to communicate with smart phones. Message all Android phones. IOS phones when Bluetooth is on. App users have additional communication benefits.

  • Reach Captive Markets

    Reach Captive Markets


    Because of our expanded distribution of our “Beaconized” digital signs and locations using just beacons we can control the Designated Marketing Area (DMA) of any zip code.

  • Simple Robust Ad Suite

    Simple Robust Ad Suite


    No one else can give you a control panel to post promotions near your business, and other locations across town. Every engagement is tracked and reported on.

  • Zero Spam

    Zero Spam


    Genie protects consumer identity. We auto select your brand to consumers within 50 miles of your location. No name, email address, phone number or address needed.

  • No Creative Barriers

    No Creative Barriers


    Increased capability of joint promotions, with tracking. Our digital signs accept static ads, video, or animation.