• Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    Affordable for any business Beacon & backend software.  No long-term contracts for our digital ad service. Pay when your ad runs.


  • No App Needed

    No App Needed

    The Beacon utilizes Bluetooth technology to communicate with mobile devices near our signs or your locations. Message all mobile devices when bluetooth is on.  My Coupon Genie App users have additional communication benefits.

  • Reach Captive Markets

    Reach Captive Markets

    Because of our expanded distribution of our “Beaconized” digital signs and locations using just beacons we can control the Designated Marketing Area (DMA) of any zip code.

  • Simple Robust Ad Suite

    Simple Robust Ad Suite

    No one else can give you a control panel to post promotions near your business, and other locations across town. Every engagement is tracked with engagement and other metrics.

  • Zero Spam

    Zero Spam

    My Sign Genie protects consumer identity but is still able to gather engagement metrics using an assigned unique user number.  We auto subscribe promotions to all My Coupon Genie users within 50 miles of your locations.

  • No Creative Barriers

    No Creative Barriers

    Increased capability of joint promotions, with tracking. Our digital signs accept static ads, video, or animation.


A hybrid ad platform combining Digital signage and mobile messaging, we refer to this as “Beaconized” Digital Signage.

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Powering Your Business to Shine

My Sign Genie’s “Beaconized” Digital Signs allows our clients to send loyalty offers, coupons, specials, and promotions that are ALL convertible on our digital properties. We also can provide a Claim-It option where we direct the consumer to a URL of the client’s choice. 

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Outdoor Advertising Spend by 2019
Increase of $1.2 Billion from 2016
Ad Click-Through Rate
Beacon Alerts 20% Adwords 2%
Mobile Phone Penetration
Up from 2007 Penetration of 6%
Consumer Coupon Usage
Up from 2016 Usage of 86%

Put Your Business to Work

My Sign Genies offers our clients their own unique branding on digital signs Plus Beacon Alert messaging.  With our intelligent backend content management system, control panel and linked beacon messaging, we offer an agency complete management of  their promotions and messaging from our digital signs or locations.  Actionable content landing  pages have a  BUY NOW button engaging the consumer for immediate CONVERSIONS of promotional offers on their mobile devices.  We also offer a  CLAIM IT call to action button which will automatically direct consumers to a landing page of choice.  No more searching for offers, we deliver them directly to consumers near our signs or the locations of our clients.

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Engage viewers from a variety of different PLACES
  • Transportation
  • Shopping Malls
  • Health Care
  • Sports Venues
  • Hotels & Convention Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Suites
  • Grocery Stores

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